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Crystal Cascade Amulet
  • Crystal Cascade Amulet


    A crystal waterfall amulet that comes to life with 14 karat gold plating.

    • Care

      “To prolong the life of your jewelry, it is recommended to take proper care of it, avoiding contact with chemicals and cleaning it regularly with a soft cloth. Likewise, recognize that if your personal PH is too high you may be susceptible to discomfort, so consult with an advisor for any finishing options to avoid these reactions. It is recommended to perform maintenance on the piece once you notice that the shine has been lost, you can contact customer service to schedule it.”

    • 14 karat gold plating

      “Gold plating not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the jewelry, but also offers some protection against corrosion and tarnishing. However, it is important to note that the gold layer on gold-plated pieces is thinner than on solid gold pieces, so they may be more susceptible to tarnish over time.

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