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All our pieces have been created through the passion of many people, among them, the pillar of the designs and of the company, the designer Felipe Barbosa, who under his experience of more than 35 years has produced more than 10,000 designs in varied collections and worked in multiple projects that have helped Barbosa become what it is today.

About Our Leather
Banco de trabajo de joyería


All materials that have been used in our pieces occur for two reasons:
- The selection of our customers who ask us to work with what they tell us to bring out spectacular designs.

- The selection of the designer, where metals, stones, crystals, materials and tools are determined by him.


The process to make a piece consists of the following steps:

- Pencil and fist design, where a sketch is made to determine components, aesthetics and taste.

- Material selection, where we seek to implement the necessary and appropriate components to make it.

- Sample, is the #1 piece of a whole collection, here we check that it meets the requirements (aesthetics, performance, airtightness). 

- Production, where the final product is delivered after passing all the quality tests.



Get to know our collaborations with internationally recognized brands, where you can learn about our work in different areas. Maybe Barbosa can help you find your own passion.

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Conoce a toda persona que ha confiado en nuestro trabajo, y lo que tienen por decir de nosotros.

Barbosa a crecido gracias al esfuerzo de nuestro equipo para poder entregar un producto único.

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