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  • How long does it take to produce a part?
    The regular time based on work schedules at the Barbosa production center is around 15 days for the quantity of 3 pieces, an order for a larger quantity may be delayed as we try to preserve quality in all and each of the pieces made, if you want to know the approximate time for the number of pieces you can contact us in the chat on our website or on our Whatsapp on the contact page to assist you with the quote and approximate time.
  • Do you ship to Europe?
    Yes, our staff will be able to help you with quotes and shipping methods. Remember to read our privacy policy, as well as our shipping and returns policy.
  • Can I make a design and have it produced?
    Yes, we love producing and designing, and fulfilling everyone's dreams. As soon as you have a sketch and the ideas that you want to keep in your design, we can make a consultation to see if it is possible to produce it. This type of work must be supervised by the designer and his team, therefore delivery and production time may take time. more than expected.
  • I want to be part of the team, how can I contact you?"
    If you want to be part of our team you can contact us by email or check our Facebook page, where we publish every time we have a vacancy available.
  • Can I be a Barbosa distributor?
    Of course, we want to share our passion for design, and if you want to belong to the brand's group of distributors you can contact us.There we can help you with the steps to become an official Barbosa distributor.
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